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What If The Pandemic Was Planned? Is The Government Terrorizing Us With A Fake Virus?

Yea…what if the entire thing is one big lie? What if all the so called “elites” are all sitting around laughing at how dumb we all are? The problem with asking that question is that it is like asking; what if water turned rock solid when the temperature drops? Just stop it, for god’s sake the verdict is in! You would have ICE!

In a similar vein, the mere fact that the C.A.R.E.S. ACT was passed a full year before anyone ever even heard the term “novel carona virus”, should let an intelligent individual see through the entire facade. The “Hagelian Dialectic” is alive and in full effect within this massive psychological operation.

This manufactured shit show all begins with out an isolated sample of the virus. How do you even begin to use the fake PCR test, to test for a virus, when you have no isolated sample to compare your collected specimen to? They just crank that fraudulent ding dong test up to 40 cycles and abrakazam even a papaya tests positive for COVID19. Don’t believe that though, because the fake news will say you’re an evil, racist, white supremacist .

Yes, they think we are stupid and the face diaper is not helping.

What would it take to make Americans submit to Chinese rule? Not a whole lot, I mean, a couple $1,200 checks, a few free cheeseburgers, an ice cream cone and these genius’s would inject themselves with quick silver. Think I’m joking? You’re an idiot! Ask yourself if mercury is somehow related to autism….

Your useless eater self needs to just worry about reducing your carbon footprint you brainless carbon base life form! The plants don’t need co2, just inject yourself with the nearest experimental gene therapy you can get your hands on!

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