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What Happened To Damon T. Berry? Will “The Knowledge of The Forever Time” Be Memory Holed?

If you have not watched “The Knowledge of The Forever Time” by Damon t. Berry (going forward referred to as “The 8”) I urge you to go watch all 8 videos and be in as much awe as the rest of us. This series is so stunning it leaves you craving for more. Mr. Berry had us all on the edge of our seats and then…silence.

I do not know for sure but it does seem as though the government has shut him down. There is a Facebook page that claims the government has deemed the information within “The 8” to be a threat to national security.

Personally, I am wondering if Mr. Berry might feel as though he has done his part and has left the rest up to humanity. On the other hand, maybe he is completely cut off and under 24 hr surveillance. He seemed to be worried that might happen judging from the last film released.

I was poking around the net a bit (searching on duck duck go) and it does seem like the powers that be are trying to assassinate his character. The first things that pop up when you search “what happened to Damon T. Berry?”, are mugshots i.e arrest records.

I happened to look at the views on the 7th episode and it has over 3 million views! That is a lot of people who are aware of the information, so how can it be forgotten? Seems to me we need to unite and figure out how the hell we’re going to make it through the square hole…lol

Star gates, and interstellar travel is a lot to take in but so is being alive. Would it be so crazy to think, just maybe, we should put forth a little effort to take our place in the cosmos? Would that not finally answer the question; what is the point of it all?

One thing is for certain, our world is dying and with as many views as “The 8” boast’s, there are definitely more people that care than we may have once thought.


  1. Ben Davis Ben Davis October 6, 2021

    He’s put out a new trailer for a upcoming film called the knowledge of the afterworld. You can find it on YouTube

  2. X flier X flier December 10, 2021

    The above link will take you to a video posted by Mr. Berry on or about February 6, 2021. I found it after an internet search of posts by DTB since 2019 and found this. It is worth a watch. Be safe.

    • Steven J. Blair Steven J. Blair Post author | December 12, 2021

      Awesome…I went and watched……uuuhhhh…….hmmmmm…..yea I’m kinda stuck on that donald duck noise thing….saaayy huhhhhh? He does seem to have a lot of government vehicles around…the lights…..dayyuummm thats a nice place my dude…lol

  3. Greg Greg February 11, 2022

    Damon, if you see this, I suggest you reach out to someone like Mooji, who can help you ascend the awareness that you have acquired before it consumes you. This was sent with love, respect, and appreciation for you and your work.

  4. Isis thegoddess bey Isis thegoddess bey April 26, 2022

    My invitation to help in any way possible is still open… I never felt so compelled to drop everything in my life to help spread this knowledge… I actually feel purpose…. If your still alive please allow me to visit you threw remote viewing and if its not to much for me (us) to bear… tell me how to help you…
    Isis thegoddess bey… Thank you so much…

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  6. Al Al September 8, 2022

    Damon, I hope you are not still suffering I suspect you still are though. I am and have been most of my life since my first memory. My life has been a bizzare journey as well but not quite as bad as yours.

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