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Steal Fire From The God’s! Reclaim Your Divine Humanity! The Battle Cry Of The Left Hand Path.

The adept Black Magician is howling with joy at the thought of a Christian reading these words. To be fair, it is a bit sadistic but the fault lies with their own lack of knowledge. Simply put, we are without a master, without a god and without any desire to leave our destiny in the hands of another.

Fear is the first reaction many have to things they do not understand. To shout blasphemy from the rooftops is to be trampled beneath the oxen’s feet. To play the Devil’s game, one must take the Devil’s name. To be named the vile enemy of the cloth is as a badge to be worn with high esteem.

Weak souls tremble at the thought of Demons, while the brave soul consults the Daemons. While some sick weirdo’s engage in human sacrifice and orgiastic rituals, others merely claim full autonomy over their existence and their afterlife.


The thing I cannot wrap my head around is, why people associate “black magick” with evil magick? I say some people just take it to a dark place. For example, if I were to light a black candle, I would not be thinking about how much evil I can summon. I would be coming from the logic that the color black absorbs energy. Energy I can direct where it is needed. Remember, where focus goes, energy flows.

When it comes to summoning Demons, Magickal Practitioners do not summon low-level astral nasties. They (Magickal Practitioners of Whatever School) summon or “Evoke” high-level intelligent beings, which in notable ancient philosophical writings, were referred to as Daemons, which meant good spirit.


The thought or idea that separates the left-hand path from the right is the desire to rule our own existence. To be beholden to no deity or dogma and to not sacrifice our divine humanity to be dissolved into some megalomaniacal godheads will.

The bottom line is to not die and be granted permission to pass the gates of heaven. Instead, we seek to bring the kingdom of heaven crashing to the earth as we ascend into our own power. No power great or small having the right to lay claim to what does not belong to them! The gods are as imperfect and as selfish as they accuse humans of being.

Thor had superficial love for his wife, is it any wonder he would hate Loki for pointing that out? Enlil wishes to keep us ignorant and naked, while Enki wishes to set us free to realize our full potential. This is precisely why the gods are not fit to be worshiped. The left-hand path stands for self-governance and spiritual liberation.

As for me and my house, if that makes us evil, SO BE IT!

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