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Soulless Vampire Elite Suck “Adrenochrome” From Helpless Terrified Children. Viral Video Exposes Evil Ritual Madness In High Society.

The elite believe a certain chemical called “adrenochrome”, literally scared out of children, gives them some kind of life extension and they will go to extreme lengths to extract this coveted substance. In there self delusion, they tell themselves the end justifies the means. Terrifying young children to the point of paralysis, simply to extract and sell this demonic wonder drug.

It would seem the lid has been removed from the abyss, the veil between the worlds has thinned, allowing the evil ones to walk among us. Evil spirits inhabit the bodies of humans to run amuck upon the earth and enjoy there final time before the end. Either that or these peeps are just foaming at the mouth psychos.

It would seem we got some real sickos at the top of the foodchain. You can watch all about it here: ADRENOCHROME

My mind searches for a better way to achieve longevity, considering that drinking the blood of victimized toddlers does not settle well with the soul. Not to mention, it doesn’t seem to last long and may actually have the reverse effect. Talk about pointless and futile.

There is definitely a spiritual battle going on here and no matter where you stand spiritually, you have to agree, this shit is fucked up! The thought of my kids suffering by the hands of these lunatics drives me to share this information. Dear spirits this madness cannot continue.

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