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Nanotech In Vaccines Is Inevitable Considering The Need For A (BCI) Brain Computer Interface. Who Wants To Carry Around 80 Billion Wires Like Dreadlocks?

To get straight to the point, “Human-Brain/Cloud-Interface’s” or Brain Computer Interface’s (BCI’s) are nanoscale devices to be embedded in the brain. There are 80 billion neurons in the human brain and it would be quite cumbersome, to say the least, trying to connect a wire to each one. Imagine 80 billion wires surgically installed in your brain….yikes!

You should obviously DYOR but it seems there are people who want to use nanotechnology to map the brain thus the need for a carrier to take the microscopic tech past the blood/brain barrier. That is where vaccine technology comes into play but we will revisit that later. First let’s take a look at some of the tech we actually know about.


Brain Net was “The first multi-person non-invasive direct brain-to-brain interface for collaborative problem solving. The interface combines electroencephalography (EEG) to record brain signals and transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) to deliver information noninvasively to the brain.” This technology has it’s first use case a tetris like game you control with your mind.


Neuralink is currently developing technology to “increase the channels of communication with the brain, accessing more brain areas and new kinds of neural information.” The aim is to essentially connect the brain to the internet of things and improve a broad range of neurological disorders

Neuralink is hiring…code brain’s what do you think? Wanna help people with spine injuries and neurological disorder’s?

UPDATE NEURALINK: [Sunday-1-23-2022-3:08 PM] I caught this video on YouTube this morning as I sat with my coffee. I like some of the more positive applications of the technology and I do understand the need for certain advances in our understanding of the human brain. I appreciate the talk of safety and security built right into the code.

I do however, think a certain amount of caution should be taken and I really wish there werer some other un-invasive way to interface with the brain. I will absolutely need a firewall and Brave shields Mr. Musk. Honestly, thinking of the thinnest wire ever invented piercing my brain skin is giving me a headache…js. I am on the fence with this one, I will leave it up to the world I suppose.


Facebook (META) is going all in on the metaverse. From thinking your thoughts onto social media, to a full on emersion into (HOME) their virtual realm. This was the driving factor behind the name change from Facebook to META. The sentiment to think your thoughts onto the cloud is alive and well over there.

The governments of the world want to control a person’s emotional thought processes along with the subconscious and dreams. RNM has been developed after about 50 years of neuro-electromagnetic involuntary human experimentations. According to many scientists, within a few years it is expected that DNA microchips will be implanted in the human brain which would make it inherently controllable.


The Military application of the Brain Computer Interface (BCI) is a bit more hardcore, enabling things like flying drones with your thoughts. DARPA hopes to invent ways to instantly read soldiers’ minds using tools like genetic engineering of the human brain, nanotechnology and infrared beams.


The use of manipulative magnetic nanomedicine (MMN) suggests vaccines could be good carriers for the nanobots to gain access to your brain! The performance of such nanomedicine mainly depends on magneto-electric nanoparticles (MENPs). For delivery of the DNA Vaccine, Polyethylenimine has been used to modify the surface of “superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles” (SPIONs).


So…in the internet of things, if I can think my vacuum cleaner to work along with all my other appliances and interact with an augmented reality, how would that have come about in the first place?

I don’t know…maybe graphene injected via the clot shot? Does 5G come into play and as we get near it, the self assembling nanotech goes to work? Do we have to have our DNA rewritten to participate in the metaverse? That sucks….


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