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Posts published in “HERBAL ARCANUM”

Forgotten knowledge of herbs (especially medicinal)
where to find them and how to prepare them.

Use Espresso Maker To Extract Shikimic Acid, Which Helps Stop Blood Clots/Spike Proteins Produced By Experimental Gene Therapy.

I have not attempted this yet but this little life hack will be a very good first entry to my herbal arcanum category! I feel a strong urge to gather resources for ways to find natural medicine in the event of some kind of disaster.


You can extract shikimic acid using an old espresso machine. So far, we have discovered star anise, fennel seed, pine needles and the fruit of the sweetgum tree as sources for shikimic acid. I encourage you to read the linked article to learn more information.


You can follow this link to find out more about how the extraction process. Arm yourself with knowledge inn these very uncertain times.


Having the ability to grow your own herbs and make your own medicine is what is going to be “essential” as the “Great Reset” rolls out. There is nothing wrong with hoping for the best, but we need to plan for the worst.

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