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This blog site resonates with the resistance… stands against all forms of tyranny be it mental, physical, financial or spiritual.

I will blurt my deplorable nonsense continuously, without pause and with great pleasure.

To the cackling gaggle of sickos that feed the spider…your time has come!

To the mindless sheep people and annoying covid Karen’s…..


If you are a writer and got some spare time, maybe you would consider guest posting? If you have compelling information and solid sources I can’t wait to hear from you! That said, even if you are merely expressing an opinion, the marketplace of ideas welcomes you.

The world we live in is not what we have come to believe. The “power elite” have plans for the future that are incompatible with humanity. Are we really gonna let these wierdos dictate our destiny? I don’t think so, we are the elite, they are not! I

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