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Masks Happily Burned Near Idaho State Capital In Defiance Of The New World Order!

Men and Women of this country need to remember who they are! This is America! We stand for freedom, liberty and justice for all. Our culture means something and it deserves to live on.

If you think that is corny, somehow racist or extremist, you are missing the larger picture. Please put your phone down for a while and step back for a broader look into your reality.

We cannot stand divided and make no mistake, we are in the midst of “Agenda21”, a green initiative to charge us to breathe, force us to live in tiny coffin apartments, forced inoculate, indoctrinate and full spectrum dominate EVERYONE!


“Agenda21” is now “Agenda2030” or “The Great Reset”, which is a disaster for humanity. There is very limited time for you to get up to speed. So stop virtue signaling and get your shit together!

You wanna be a hero? You wanna help your fellow humans? Get informed and throw your mask in the burn barrel! Understand your civil rights and join the fight to preserve freedom!



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