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In A World Only Beginning To Consider Life Outside Of Humanity, Talk Of Reptilian Shapeshifters Could Use A Bit More Context.

The one person that always pops into my head when people get to drinking and arguing over whether or not reptilians actually exist, is the epic Credo Mutwa.

In this incredible interview with African Zulu Shaman Credo Mutwa, David Icke takes a deep dive into the legend of the “Chitihuri”. There are so many things to talk about but this one cannot be overlooked.

I do not know if reptoids are hiding behind some kind of glamour spell infiltrating our government but the snake or serpent like motif is all over the world.

From legends to sculptures there seems to be some real meat to this theory, even if it is all mostly conjecture. I for one do not fault others for trying to fill the gaps with whatever little scraps of information or evidence we have available.

Whether or not Hilary Clinton is a Reptilian Shapeshifter is still up in the air. Politicians have always been a little cold hearted to say the least….kinda makes you wonder. Lmao

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