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How Do We Keep Our Heads Above Water In This “Greater Depression”? Where Do We Start In Our Financial Reeducation?

Regardless of the cause, the financial system of old is collapsing. The fundamentals have evolved and the uneducated are going to be starved out. What can the little guys do when the bubble finally pops and they can no longer find work?

Unfortunately, everyone cannot be saved and people cannot be forced to save themselves. It is not exactly easy to relearn everything you were taught from a child and basically reprogram yourself but that is the task we are faced with.

There are many things to learn but what if you don’t want to code? What if you don’t want to learn about how the world and money works? What if your comfortable working at the dollar store barely scraping by.


Listen I hope that is not the case but if it is… this is NOT the post for you… Simply put, your going to have to do something or your going to eat shit. It is just the sad inevitable truth.

On the other hand, if your willing to think outside the box and be creative, you may be in the very best position you could possibly be in. I do not have all the answers but I do have one message to get out there.

The key to innovation is not to ignore the wisdom of those who came before us, but to keep their insight and experiences in mind as we create new avenues in a turbulent and evolving world. It is not a sign of ignorance to admit we don’t know everything.


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