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Financial Education: “Only stupid People Work For Money”. Your Score Card Is Your Bank Account!

Truth be told I am still learning a lot of this stuff myself so I am no expert. One show I love to watch is Rich Dad Poor Dad with Robert Kyosaki. I really believe we need to learn everything we can about how money works and as fast as possible! lol

The schools just taught us how to be worker bees so other people can live lavishly. You are trained from day one to get good grades and one day you will get a really good job. Well job, stands for just over broke and i for one have had enough.

I want to know everything I can about how things really work, so I can better support myself and my family. Everyone Thinks you have to bust your balls to put food on the table and that’s just the way it is. They are right, that is, if you have no financial education.

Another great YouTube channel I love to watch is Stansberry Research. There is always some great financial experts on there and although they all do not always agree, I feel like my sword is sharpened after every episode.

To be fair, I am a bit of a nerd so maybe it’s not for you but I would strongly encourage you to seek out experts in all the different areas of finance. As DeFi emerges in the Crypto sector you are going to want to be paying attention.

Start with the video above, I am sure you will appreciate understanding what a financial statement is and how rich people don’t work for money. They work for assets, something us blue collar type have gotten confused with a liability.

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