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American Born-Irish Blood-Passionate-Celtic-Wild Heart! Appreciating My Heritage And Reaching Out To The Irish/Celtic Community.

I feel a strong desire to tell the story of how my knowledge of my own heritage, was lost to me and has only recently become very important in my life. I do apologize for my ignorance as I have come full circle. I never really understood how rich the Irish culture is and how much the Irish have contributed to American culture. I have come to be very proud to be Irish, I even love my weird

I love all the beautiful art and lore from Ireland. I have a hunger and passion for Gaelic and the writings of the ancient ancestors. I have overcome any feelings of being ashamed or embarrassed by my heritage. I aim to become more educated about it and hopefully, carry my shamrock (and me lucky into a better future lol.

At the beginning of my sort of coming to the light, I came across “An alternative history of Ireland & the world” By (Michael Tsarion). Michael also does Celtic guitar music and he posts it up on youtube.

This was actually my very first idea of “Celtic music” although Mr. Tsarion is more of an independent researcher (UNSLAVED.COM) he makes beautiful music and I do enjoy it.

I was later turned onto “Irish Bands” Flogging Molly and Drop Kick Murphy’s (Devil’s Dancefloor-Good As Gold!!!!) which I now understand as Irish punk rock as opposed to classical or traditional Celtic Music. I now see “Celtic” as a broad umbrella term for a lot of different sounds. I am in the process of forming a band of my own that will be a bit more progressive Celtic metal if you will.

I have been rapping and producing original music for over 20 years and it seems I am being called by fate to move on to a very different musical thing altogether. Although, I will still write positive verses for TikTok, and hey, I’d do a song for free with any Irish American rapper or singer who was on the same page. Search @chattow100 you will find me and the site is

I will definitely be back to edit this post as I have to go to work but I took the time to do an internet search and I came across some helpful links. This is NOT exhaustive but it is very eye-opening and I am feeling the pull to join the Gaelic League Of Detroit Social Club.The links I found I pasted below!


SEARCH RESULTS FOR: Irish American resources
Brave Browser-Duck Duck Go:

Library of Congress:

Irish American Heritage Museum:

Detroit Michigan:


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