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Posts published by “Steven J. Blair”

I am a musician and lyricist who pays attention to what goes on in the world. I make music and live life as a free man.

I like to share articles from a lot of different areas of interest and give you my most likely extremely biased opinion.

Do NOT dictate my life you virtue signaling, social justice scared ass weirdo!

Freedom of information-net neutrality are probably my biggest causes and you can shove this Agenda21 shit right up your ass.

I cannot get down with socialism. Freedom World Wide!

#burnthemask #DecentralizeEverything #web3.0

Alex Jones In Rare Form On Flagrant 2 podcast. Talks Gay Sex, Interdimensional Beings And Misplacing A Laptop With 10,000 BTC.

This is the first I have ever heard of this broadcast….I gotta say I was laughing through most of it. (I didn’t watch the whole thing) Sometimes you need to just let loose and laugh at everything in spite of how serious it is.

This 3rd dimension we live in is unreal at times and it hard to always take it all in. I know the media is going to blow this out of proportion…..but who cares? This shit is hilarious…lol I say Alex is cool as hell for hangin out like that.